Friday, April 16, 2010

Terms and Conditions.


1. The Malta FT Nationals is open to all Licenced Target B shooters from all clubs in Malta.

2. The competitor must show proof of club membership and must have a valid 2010 license and insurance policy.

3. The competitor agrees to abide to MAAC FT Rules V1-2010 when registering for participation. A copy of these rules will be distributed to each registered competitor.

4. The competitors also agree to conform to the schedule of activities. All competitors must be present at all Competitor Briefings otherwise their participation is declared null.

5. A competitor may choose to participate in one or both classes available without hindering or altering the set schedules. A competitor participating in both classes is not eligible to both top prizes. The best % score will be awarded.

6. The top prize winning competitors must participate in Hungary WFTF World in their winning class. This applies also the selected qualifiers if funds are made available to send more shooters abroad.

7. MAAC will award non MAAC members with the list of prices indicated. MAAC will sponsor if funds are made available other competitors to attend the WFTF Worlds other MAAC members in order of ranking only.

8. Competitors must register their entry not later then the Wednesday 5th May 2010. Late entries might be rejected by MAAC.

9. The event will take place on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May 2010. Competitors and Staff may camp over night at Victoria Shooters Range in the assigned area. Competitors and Staff are urged to stick with schedules.

10. The entry fee for the MAAC FT MALTA NATIONALS is € 20 for each class and must be paid not later then Wednesday 5th May 2010.

11. The classes during the MAAC FT MALTA NATIONALS are the following.

 PCP Open Class (max power 16 Jules or 12ftlbs)
 Springer Class (max power 16 Jules or 12ftlbs)
 Caliber in both classes up to 5.50mm or 0.22’
 Gas Ram is Springer Class

12. Prices are as follows:
 1st PCP Open Class and 1st Springer Class: 1 Air Thicket sponsored by MAAC to Hungary to attend and participate in the WFTF Worlds in Hungary between the 29th September and 4rd October 2010. *
 1st – 2nd – 3rd of each class will be awarded special trophies.
 All competitors will receive a participation medal.
 All competitors exceeding the Minimum Score Point System will receive an MAAC FT Shit.

* Shooters winning these prices must accept to care for other expenses involved to participate in the Hungary Worlds 2010. The estimated additional expense is estimated around €600. MAAC will support MAAC members if additional funds are available,

13. The Minimum Score Point System will qualify shooters for selection to participate in WFTF Worlds if funds are made available.

14. The Minimum Score Point for PCP Open is 90/120.

15. The Minimum Score Point for Spring Open is 70/120

16. The Minimum Score Point System can be adjusted if score levels are not reached. The top shooter score will be considered as 100% and 25% less of this score will be considered as the adjusted Minimum Score Point.

17. The competition is base on two days of shooting according to MAAC FT Rules and WFTF World Core Rules for FT.

18. Each round is composed of a total of 60 shots. The Range will be set up with two Zones, the Blue and the White Zone that comprises 15 targets each hence 30 targets per zone. The targets must be shot once per leg for a total of 2 legs per zone to complete a total of 60 targets per round.

19. In accordance to the MAAC FT Rules in 30 target shot positional shots must not exceed 6 targets in kneeling position and shall not exceed 3 targets in standing positions. This will be followed.

20. The range distance is WFTF Standard on White Zone i.e. 10 – 50 meters random. The range distance in the Blue Zone will be according to the Worlds Hosting Country rules. Hungary uses 7 – 50 meters.

21. Target Placements are the following:
 15mm Hit Zone can be placed on targets up to 20m
 25mm Hit Zone can be placed on targets up to 35m
 40mm Hit Zone can be placed on targets up to 50m

21. The standard target colors will be used on the FT Nock down targets to represent the shooting position of the assigned target. The colors are as follows:
 White Face Plate with Yellow Hit Zone – Free Style (Sitting – Kneeling – Prone – Standing allowed).
 Yellow Face Plate with Red Hit Zone – Kneeling (Standing also Allowed).
 Red Face Plate with Yellow Hit Zone – Standing

22. All other detailed rules can be found in the MAAC FT Regulations V1-2010.