Friday, April 16, 2010


Dear MAAC members,

MAAC is not just an ordinary club for air gun shooters. MAAC has the inspiration to rise the standard of certain air rifle disciplines, mainly FT, HFT and Benchrest within its own club members and in Malta.

MAAC represents 3 Major international federations for these sports and is committed to improve and to promote Malta within these communities. In 2009 MAAC participated for the first time ever in the WFTF Worlds in South Africa. It was a major step forward for the club and also for Malta. WE INTEND to continue with or without the support of the authorities but with your determination.

In the last months we have seen a quality jump in our competitive shooters and lot of determination. In the recent weeks you membership fees and range fees have not been wasted. A considerable amount of work and investments are taking place to increase and improve our range equipment and standards.

We understand that not all our member are keen to the competitive side and we will not force any member to be competitive. Every one is left free to enjoy air gunning as he or she likes. However we now reached a peak and we need the support of every member competitive or not.

We will organize two special events. The MAAC Malta FT Nationals on 8th and 9th May 2010 and the MAAC Malta Bench Rest Nationals on 12th and 13th June 2010. WE NEED EVERY MEMBERS HELP in these two events. WE need to be the show case to those responsible to have more confidence in this type of shooting sports.

We urge all of you to participate in any way you like and with any time you can give. Either as competitors or as range crew or marshals your help is appreciated. During the MAAC FT Nationals competitors have the opportunity to compete in order to win their chance to participate abroad in Hungary for the FT Worlds therefore your assistance even as range marshal or range crew is vital for the smooth running of this event. In the MAAC Benchrest Nationals the participants will also win great prizes and all those who participate will be participating in the UKBR 22 Postal Competition for 2010.

There fore all those of you which would like to participate in the FT Nationals as competitors are urged to register with MAAC their entry, either by visiting the VSR range or by emailing us on so we can contact you asap. Those who wish to assist us in the set up of this activity as range marshal/crew please also email us so as to contact you soonest.

Its time to prove your membership in MAAC. We expect to see you.


MAAC Committee.